Course 1

How to tame wild horses

Audience: Specialist
Level: Advanced
Type: Online & Practical

In this online course, Stephanie Goudie masterfully teaches the subtle skillful art of what is commonly known as ‘braking in a horse’. Her soft, non-invasive, safe method  gains the confidence of the horse before teaching it to fully trust, listen, act, react when around humans. Placing a rider on their back becomes a natural next step. As fight or flight animals, horses are used to living in a pack. They need the protection and company of other horses to feel safe. If given the space and time, their natural curious will lead them to seek to connection with humans.  If we impose ourselves on them, they are most likely to reject connection. Highly attuned to the energies of nature, sound, people, the sound and command of the human voice, together with body language, signs and signals is refined. Skillfully used, this is the sacred art of Horse Whispering. Stephanie’s love of horses started when she was 5 years old. Her father, also renowned in the horse world, there is no better teacher. She applies a non invasive behavioral proven methodology.


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